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You decided to take the plunge and touch the benefits of balneotherapy, so you chose to purchase an inflatable spa to get an idea of ​​the benefits of hot water on your body before being able to taste the relaxing properties of water massages from an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Your inflatable spa has arrived at your home, but you are asking yourself a lot of questions when you are in front of your package: Where to install it? How to install it? Is it easy? Do not worry. We will take the time through this article to answer all your questions that remain unanswered.

Where To Install My Inflatable Hot Tub?

According to your wishes, the best inflatable spa will be able to integrate perfectly into your interior or exterior decor.

Are you afraid of installing your spa outdoors? No fear to have, it is thought to resist the bad weather that could experience your region. Indeed, its nylon and reinforced PVC structure are materials designed to withstand both indoors and outdoors. Your inflatable Jacuzzi has an easily transportable appearance but is careful, once filled it will no longer be the case. The inflatable Jacuzzi is indeed much lighter than its brother the rigid shell spa, but you should know that once filled, it will weigh about 800kg average made on all of our inflatable spa products. You must, therefore, ensure that your soil has the necessary resistance to support such a weight in addition to that of these users more than 1 T.

How To Install Your Inflatable Spa?

Steps To Set Up An Inflatable Hot Tub

The inflatable spas, to facilitate their installation, are delivered with a user manual and an instructional DVD. The inflatable Jacuzzi is delivered in a package, in which you will find a kit containing elements designed to facilitate its installation. It is designed to protect the underside of the spa but also to avoid heat loss thanks to its isothermal composition. As the soil is generally colder, the water will quickly lose temperature. If you don’t have a rug, you can get one here.

Elements Needed

Concerning the rest of the elements already included in your kit, you will find:

A digital table otherwise called on-board computer which can look like this if it is not the case you will find the same information and approximately the same drawings:

A user manual

An instructional DVD

A clever hose or inflator to quickly inflate your spa with a pressure gauge: allowing you to control the spa pressure during inflation

A zip able cover, which will ensure the safety of your spa but which will also protect your water

A filter cartridge, with which you can start using your spa

Installing My Inflatable Jacuzzi:

Lay your floor mat on the location of the spa, making sure beforehand that the surface is flat and clear of all debris or materials that can tear the spa. Install your spa on the floor mat. Place the electrical box in the space provided for this purpose. Connect the clever inflator hose to the inflation valve while ensuring that the pressure gauge is connected correctly because it is thanks to this indicator that you will be when to stop inflating your inflatable outdoor Jacuzzi.

Press the “bubble” button to start inflating your inflatable spa. Attentions remember to oversee the pressure gauge, to stop the inflation once your spa has a perfect pressure. Close the drain valve and start filling your spa using your water supply connected to a hose that can reach your outdoor Jacuzzi. You can already set up the filter.

Your inflatable outdoor Jacuzzi or indoor inflatable spa is ready for use. You just have to wait a moment so that the water is at the temperature that you have previously programmed. Have you just purchased a Jacuzzi or are you still looking for information on how an inflatable spa works? Installation can seem like a tedious operation in some cases, what is certain is that at the end of this article, the assembly and storage of an inflatable spa will have no secrets for you.

Find The Right Place

Before you can unpack your inflatable spa, you need to know where you will be able to install it. Between us, there are places of installation more unusual than the others. Anyway, we will still be in the classic.

The first criterion of choice is your preferences. You may very well want to take advantage of the jets and bubbles throughout the year and therefore opt for indoor installation, such as under a veranda, a garage or a furnished room. Outside, the hot tub can be mounted in the garden, on the terrace, in full sun or in the shade of a tree.

You will understand, the ideal location for your hot tub is everywhere. On the other hand, we advise you to think about the sunshine, the leveling of the ground as well as in the vicinity.

Unpack The Box

Delicate operation: Yes, in a hurry we are afraid that you will cause irreversible damage to the spa liner. The inflatable spa is delivered to you in a huge box weighing almost 50 kilos, easily transportable. The contents of the box are very well organized, unpacking will be all the easier: there is the liner, the control panel, and the pump. There, now there is more than.

Connect Your Spa

Regarding the electrical connection of his spa, there is no need to worry about security. Intex brand spas benefit from high quality and brand know-how, safety and comfort are at the heart of their concerns.

The whirlpool plugs directly into a conventional electrical outlet or the use of an insulated extension are possible if the location is too far away. If you want to know a little more, you can consult a slightly more complete article on the electrical connection of an Intex spa.

Install Inflatable Hot Spa

Inflate Your Jacuzzi

Inflation of the spa is a crucial step in the installation. It is a rather simple step. However, some good practices to facilitate this implementation are to be continued. No additional equipment is required to inflate the spa. Everything is included. A hose will allow you to connect the control unit to the base of the hot tub. Then in 2 minutes flat, it will be inflated.

Right Time To Inflate

It is best to do this step in the afternoon, for the simple reason that hot air takes up much more space than cold air. The hot air will tend to want to escape. Therefore it pushes back the walls of the spa, and it swells naturally. If you inflated your spa in the morning with fresh air, it doesn’t matter. The only risk is that it will appear a bit deflated.

Fill Your Inflatable Spa

Are you sure where your spa is located? After this final step, it will be very complicated to move the bubble bath without having to empty it first. Once everything is installed correctly and checked: control unit connected to the spa, drain plugs tightly closed, the cartridge case adequately installed. It is finally time to launch your spa, to you will need a garden hose and a little patience. Make sure to fill up to the level indicated.


Choosing a location and placing your inflatable spa properly is an important step that should not be taken lightly. Clearly, choose a flat, stable and transparent place capable of supporting the weight of the spa filled with water.

Also, remember that the inflatable spa must be located near an electrical outlet and that it must be connected alone to the electrical outlet, no extension cord, and no double outlet. No other device must be connected to the spa.


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