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Relax in an inflatable hot tub while camping, what more could you want? You get a comfortable and complete hot tub feeling at a fraction of the price. It is also a super cool gadget! Enjoy the beneficial bubbles of your own inflatable hot tub with friends and family and imagine yourself in a luxurious spa. Learn more about the benefits of an inflatable spa, tips to look out for when buying, and how to set up and maintain it.

What Benefits The Inflatable Hot Spa Offers While Camping

More and more people choose an inflatable hot tub (also called spa, whirlpool, hot tub or spa bubble bath) instead of, for example, a swimming pool in the garden. The big advantage of this is that an inflatable hot tub is not seasonal and can be used all year round, even in the fall and winter. In addition, an inflatable hot tub requires less maintenance, and you can place it and store it again when and where you want.

Inflatable Hot Tub For Camping

Relaxing For Body And Mind

After a stressful day of camping, you can relax in an inflatable hot tub. Both body and mind can relax completely. Several studies and studies have even shown that a spa has a healing effect on your health. Your muscles and mind relax completely. In addition, the hot water of the spa increases your blood circulation and dilates your blood vessels, so that waste products in your body break down faster. This way, in combination with enough sleep, you are fully charged for the next day’s adventures.

Good Insulation & Less Energy Costs

This is yet another great advantage of an inflatable hot tub over a fixed hot tub because the walls are filled with air, an inflatable hot tub often insulates better than a fixed variant (although something has already been found at a professional spa). In addition, you can clean up the hot tub at any time, so you do not have to leave it on all year round and save energy costs.

Buying An Inflatable Hot Tub: What Should You Pay Attention To?

You may have been thinking about buying a hot tub for your garden or on your roof terrace for some time. We advise paying attention to the following points when buying an inflatable hot tub.

Materials And Hydro-Massage Systems

Hot tubs are made from two types of materials:

Acrylic: The acrylic from which bathtubs are made has undergone antibacterial treatment, and it is pleasantly warm to the touch. The material is produced in the city of Troyes at an enterprise whose right name dates back decades. Manufacturers offer a wide selection of shapes and styles.

Flight: This is an exclusive Manufacturers material that combines high composite strength with a shiny, smooth acrylic finish on both sides. Easy-care coating treated with silver ions (Biocote) to enhance hygiene. The thickness of the walls of the bath allows you to reduce the sound level during the operation of the hydro-massage system and maintain the temperature of the water in the tub longer.

Manufacturers Hot Tubs Can’t Resist

Manufacturers’ bathtubs with hydro-massage systems are elegant and sophisticated. Nozzles do not protrude from the walls of the bath, and the air inlet openings are invisible. The discreet design provides ease of management of hydro-massage procedures and is easy to maintain. No element protrudes above the side of the bathtub, which offers maximum comfort.

The chromo-therapy function accompanies massage, enhancing the beneficial effect. Colors affect blood circulation, digestive system, eyesight, relieve pain, and also help to cope with insomnia, anxiety and stimulate mental activity.

Your hot tub is also equipped with intuitive touchpad control. You can easily set the program and mode, which will instantly turn on at your request. Your hot tub is now in your complete submission.

Inflatable Hot Spa For Camping Experience

Three Whirlpool Systems: Plus, Deluxe, and Excellence

Plus system allows you to enjoy the beneficial effects of a soft or invigorating whirlpool. Thanks to the Luxe system with three different programs, fulfill your wishes by choosing a relaxing or tonic massage.

The Excellence system includes all the benefits of the Luxe system, replenishing them with a drainage massage that will relieve fatigue and give you minutes of maximum relaxation.

Tip From Manufacturers: A headrest with cascading flow function, which comes with the Excellence hydro-massage system and is available as an option with two other models, is a must. It provides a soft massage of the neck and neck, gives a feeling of relaxation and keeps your shoulders warm.


Little Things That Change Everything

Additional modes, which, depending on the model, are built-in or optional, will create comfort and serenity for you while taking a bath and even after. Setting the silent mode is an additional option for all configurations, which allows you to reduce the noise level by 40% compared to the classical model and thereby allows you to enjoy the water procedure in silence.

The water heating system used in the Excellence model consistently maintains or increases the temperature, allowing you to keep heat accurate to the degree. A convenient and effective system of automatic cleaning dries and disinfects the mechanisms of water supply after each bath. Such cleaning systems are built into the deluxe and Excellence models.

Manufacturer’s hydro-massage systems are a guarantee of quality products made in France, as well as over 25 years in the experience for the fields of water therapy. Acrylic and composite bathtubs and hydro-massage systems of our company have a ten- and four-year warranty, respectively, whether we are talking about components, repair or reinstallation.

Acoustic quality standards are also checked by an independent laboratory (European Acoustic Laboratory of the Scientific and Technical Center for Construction) to ensure complete transparency in the field of quality of manufactured products.

Model / Sitting Position / Size of Your Inflatable Hot Tub

The model depends entirely on your preference. Some people prefer a round hot tub, others a square one. The format, on the other hand, is an important facet to take into account. You don’t want the inflatable hot tub getting in the way of your garden, but you also want an inflatable hot tub that you can use with 4 or 6 people.

Possibilities And Functionalities

Some inflatable hot tubs only have bubble jets (for bubbling water), but some inflatable hot tubs also have massage jets (hard running water). You can also choose whether you want to light and whether you want automatic disinfection with a saltwater system.

Quality And Strength

Not all models allow you to just sit on the edge of the inflatable hot tub without dent. Models that can do this without dented edges use Fiber-Tech technology, or similar technology (all other inflatable spas in our range).

Color And Appearance

In addition, you naturally look at the color of the hot tub. Does the color match your garden or roof terrace?


Do you have small children or pets? Then it is, of course, important that the hot tub can be closed properly when not in use. Locks, covers, etc. help with this.

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