Best Inflatable Hot Tubs of 2020 – Top Picks & Reviews

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The year 2020 has brought up many new things, and so does a hot tub. Bathing in a hot tub is like heaven for many people because they refresh, unwind their stress, and improve sleep. Warm baths have been essential for most of the people to care for and to become socialized with other people. You can create a simple and spa spot at your house, too, using this cheap method of the best portable hot tub. An inflatable hot tub holds on clean water and also blows away massaging bubbles. Here, with our information, you will see five different good hot tubs and find which one meets your needs.

best inflatable hot tub

Top Portable Hot Tubs Comparison Chart

  • Intex 77in Portable Massage Spa Set
  • Capacity: 4 Adults
  • Water Temp Range: 68 Degrees to 104 Degrees
  • Water Capacity: 210 Gallons
  • Rating: 4.7/5
  • Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Capacity: 4-6 Adults
  • Water Temp Range: Up To 104 Degrees
  • Water Capacity: 254 Gallons
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub
  • Capacity: 4-6 Adults
  • Water Temp Range: Up To 104 Degrees
  • Water Capacity: 250 Gallons
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Intex 85in Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set
  • Capacity: 6 Adults
  • Water Temp Range: 68 Degrees to 104 Degrees
  • Water Capacity: 290 Gallons
  • Rating: 4.0/5
  • Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub
  • Capacity: 4 Adults
  • Water Temp Range: 68 Degrees to 104 Degrees
  • Water Capacity: 215 Gallons
  • Rating: 3.2/5

5 Top-Rated Inflatable Hot Tubs & Their Reviews

Intex 77in Portable Massage Spa Set

portable hot tub reviewsThe Intex 77in is one of the good portable hot tubs that help in having the best body massage. It also consists of a hard water treatment system that helps in making the experience very soothing. You can quickly minimize the loss of heat, and thus, it provides the great features of safety. You can spa your whole body by using the ultimate highlights of the Intex 77in portable spa set. It includes a large capacity of four people that means four people can sit in the spa set at one time and bath together.

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Features of Intex 77in Portable Massage Spa Set

You can quickly refresh and clean the spa water using the two easily replaceable filter cartridges. It also contains a hard water treatment system that can help in soothing experience by making the water gentler on the skin of the person. It includes a three-way test strip, an inflation hose system, carries a bag, and a thermal ground cloth system. It can quickly help you in having one of the most amazing experiences. The spa set consists of a space of four people at one time. Therefore four people can together sit and have a soothing experience. It can hold a water capacity of near 210 gallons with a temperature of around 104 degrees.

Pros & Cons of Intex 77in Portable Massage Spa Set


  • It can easily prevent the building of hard water.
  • Four people can together have a spa at a time.
  • It also consists of the bubble air blower.


  • The cost of the Intex spa set is very high.
  • It provides high energy usage.

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Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

best 2 person hot tubsColeman Salu spa Inflatable tub spa is one of the foremost inflatable hot tubs and helps in providing the most smoothing effects in the hot tub. You can enjoy the ultimate spa experience with the feeling of warm water and bubbling water for a long time. It is effortless to function because the panel has a digital control and therefore gets controlled by the user easily at any time. You can control the temperature of the jet at any time of the spa and before the bath. It also consists of a power-saving option that can help in controlling the power of the spa set.

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Features of Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

It is a digital set that can help you in having the ultimate experience. You can easily cut-off the power by using power save mode. It will help in keeping the money as well as the energy of the house. It is an excellent innovative construction that is very durable because it gets made with the help of PVC material. It ensures the strength of the document and will never lose the shape of the tub at any time. It is a simple setup, and you do not require any sort of tool to set it up for a spa.

Pros & Cons of Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub


  • It is a hot tub with a significant benefit to digital controlling.
  • It helps in saving money and energy by using the power mode button.


  • It is very costly because of being digital technology.
  • It is not easy to handle and should never make your kids feel the spa set.

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Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub

good inflatable hot tub for winterIt is one of the professional hot tubs claimed by the inflatable hot tub reviews. It helps in providing a very great experience, and you can never beat the experience of sinking in the warm water. When your spa in the hot tub, you will notice the bubbling water experience and bubbling Jacuzzi after some time. When you have a hard day, then you must try to have experience with a tub because it will ensure in providing a thrilling encounter at the back, neck, and shoulders very quickly. You will feel very comfortable and relaxed after having such a fantastic experience.

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Features of Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub

It is a straightforward setup spa tub that can easily get handled, and it is elementary to maintain at any time. It is a digital technology that includes the digital control panels, which helps to change the temperature of the water very quickly. There is no requirement of getting out of the water jet system to lower the water heating level. It can help in saving energy, and therefore, it is very energy efficient. It is very structurally stable and comes out with changing colors. It also consists of LED lights inside it, which can make you feel amazing during the night spa.

Pros & Cons of Bestway Paris AirJet Hot Tub


  • It consists of LEDs a light that works best for the night spa set.
  • It is very comfortable and provides strength to the body.


  • The spa set is very costly.
  • You need to learn all the digital work.

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Intex 85in Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

best inflatable spaThe Intex 85in bubble spa set is very unusual, according to the Portable hot tub reviews. The spa system consists of a hard water treatment system inside the spa set that helps in treating the hard water and provides you with the soothing as well as fantastic experience with soft water. The soft water touches the body parts of the person and makes them feel very comfortable. After having a very tiring day, you must try the spa experience with the fantastic spa set because it will relax you out and helps to make your skin very refreshing for the whole day.

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Features of Intex 85in Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set

It consists of a very fantastic water treatment system that helps you in having a stunning spa at any time. It consists of a capacity of six people, which means people can amaze enjoy the spa time together. The water capacity of the tub is around 290 gallons, and it can hold the temperature of about 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It consists of various other features like filtration, air blower, insulation cover, hard water treatment system, one carry bag, two filter cartridges, floating chlorine dispenser, and three-way test strips. You should not use this tub in freezing temperatures.

Pros & Cons of Intex 85in Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set


  • It contains the hard water treatment system inside it.
  • It includes the capacity of six people, and thus, all can enjoy the spa time together.


  • It can never work in freezing temperatures.
  • The cost of the hot tub is very high.

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Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub

outdoor hot tub and spaIt is one of the best two-person hot tubs that help in providing the most soothing experience. The portable hot tub easily gets converted into the pool set, and therefore, it gets used as both spa set as well as pool set. You can enjoy yourself with your family in the Intex hot spa tub at any time. The water temperature of the container starts from 68 degrees to 104 degrees. It consists of a hard water treatment system that can help in gentling the skin very quickly. The spa set can assist in providing the spa to four people together at any time.

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Features of Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub

It is a very fantastic spa tub that provides essential elements of the pool set. It also contains the hard water treatment system inside the set that can smooth the water. It can help in gentling the skin of the person very comfortably, and you can quickly raise the temperature of the system from 68 degrees. The hot spa tub has fibre-tech construction, which makes the people lean on soon on the spa walls. People can quickly feel comfortable and plush on the muscular walls of the spa and pool tub.

Pros & Cons of Intex PureSpa Bubble Hot Tub


  • It includes the hard water treatment system that ensures a refreshing spa.
  • It is excellent for four people spa at one time.


  • It gets recommended for the use of 6 to 15 years of age kids.
  • The cost of the Intex pool set is lightly high.

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What Are Inflatable Hot Tubs?

The good inflatable hot tub is a soft tub of PVC vinyl that you need to inflate before using it. As the name suggests, these tubs blow away hot air out and make your bath more relaxing and comfortable. These are, however, small in size than the inbuilt ones but provide us a great atmosphere. The tub consists of the waterways and the jets. These can get quickly connect to the heater and the pump—the water infilled with the help of a hose.

How To Choose The Best Inflatable Hot Tubs?

Before you choose to buy a tub, you need to go through inflatable hot tub reviews. Be careful because a tub needs full care and maintenance and also takes into account its space requirements. Before accommodating this large item in your house, see the things you must consider before buying.


The very first thing is to see the size of a portable hot tub. It is not all about the size but also to know how many can adjust in it. It must not cause any discomfort to you. Generally, it can hold from two to eight people depending upon the size of the tub.


The next thing to look at is the space. You need a functional space, no matter if you are installing it inside or outside of the house. You need not be uncomfortable with space; otherwise, there is no means to buy even small hot tubs for the balcony.


Most of the professional hot tubs are round in form. Also, you can find them in rectangular or square-shaped. These squared and rectangular hot tubs would offer you more space and also fit in the corner side connecting the wall. So look for the one with a square or rectangular shape.


Most of the best hot tub brands offer the tubs made from layered vinyl PVC. Many provide walls made from nylon, polyester, blend, or vinyl. In addition to this, the walls of the hot tubs are made with the segmented designing, and others have the interior of the vertical I-beam structure.


Always try to have the heater of the hot tub that can raise the water temperature is around 12 to 24 hours. The temperature must go above 32 degrees Celsius and less than 40 degrees. Most of the heaters even have a timer that will auto turn them on or off according to the temperature you want to maintain in it.

Air Jets

The perfect inflatable hot tub must come along with air jets that will give bubbles out. It will provide enjoyment to you with tickling sense. Know how many air jets are present in the hot tub you are going to buy and also what their position in it is. The ideal outdoor hot tub has a spray stream to massage the human body. However, air-jet and heater cannot work on alternatively one after another.

How To Set Up The Professional Inflatable Hot Tub?

You can use the hot tub anywhere you want. But make sure that the area has proper water and power supply. Place the tub on a string surface before using it because it will be supporting water weight and your body weight. The electric pump will take a few minutes to inflate the tub. Make sure to increase the tub on a stable surface now. Now connect the pump and the heater as per the given instructions on the manual of the hot tubs. Plug into the power and turn on the switch. Now, wait until the water gets warm enough as per your choice.

How To Maintain An Ideal Portable Hot tub?

All the hot tubs come with a guide book that you must follow reading properly. However, still, there are many rules if you want your tub too long last with durability.

Always fill clean water in the tub. For this purpose, you can use water filters. It is the filter to use every time you are using it to clean the tub and water.

One next fact to maintain your tub is that the tubs are built for long-lasting behavior. But if a sharp object stuck into it, it will inevitably get punctured. However, don’t worry about this problem, the top-ranked hot tubs come with the repair kits if such a situation occurs.

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FAQs About Good Inflatable Hot Tub

How costly is an Inflatable Hot Tub?

The new and trending models will cost along with shipping from $300 to $600. It depends upon the brand and the store from where you buy it. Generally, it is for sure that the portable hot tub that is from the excellent brand will cost heavy.

How to Drain an Intex Inflatable Hot Tub?

  • Turn on the garden hose by placing it on the bottom of the hot tub until you find water and bubbles evolving out.
  • Now turn the hose off and also disconnect the faucet from it, keeping it on the ground.
  • Place the end of the hose on the ground, especially space, which is lower than the tub to make sure it stays underwater inside the spa. The gravitational force will let water out of it.

What to Put under Inflatable Hot Tub?

It is mandatory to place either towel or the matt under the hot tub, which must be off from the surface you are sitting on. It will reduce the damage risk, and also water is not wasted.

Where can you Buy Inflatable Hot Tub?

Buying Place for the Best Inflatable Hot Spa is Amazon. Also, it provides you with the money-back guarantee in the next thirty days of your received parcel. Also, the customer will get the extended warranty options. These offers are not nicely available with some other shopping sites.

How can you clean an Inflatable Hot Tub?

It is essential to drain off the water in three to four weeks and give it full treatment with the water every week. Once you drain water off, provide the good portable spa to your tub with the help of soap, sponge, and water. Now clean off the tub throughout and adequately. Perform it until there are no soap bubbles inside.

How to Treat Water in the Hot Tub?

Treatment of water is essential for the inflatable hot tub. You can achieve this with hot chemicals or chlorine for once in the week’s time. Chlorine and chemicals will kill away dangerous bacteria like legionella.

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Use much Electricity?

When you heat the water of a tub, then it will surely consume a lot of Electricity. The present models take around 1 to 1.5 kWh, which costs USD 23 in one month if used every day. It is quite very costly, which is not affordable by an ordinary man.

Can you use Inflatable Hot Tubs in the Winter?

It is for sure you can use hot tubs in the winter season. However, do not use them under the temperature of 40 degrees F. If you want to move above this temperature, then it’s not a big issue. It is quite widespread. However, before operating a large inflatable hot tub in the winter season, you must make sure to unfreeze the pump such that it will not hinder the functioning.


It is worth having a bath in the inflatable hot tubs to have a spa and relaxing day after that. A bath is generally to help to relieve the stress of your life, and inflatable hot tubs add ice on the cake. However, be careful before buying the best inflatable hot tub for winter.